The story goes that during the European plague outbreak, some time between 1413 and 1722, four thieves whose parents were well versed in the medicinal properties of herbs, were able to burgle homes of the dead and diseased people without being infected themselves.

It turned out that fever is a positive sign that the child’s immune system is working well and responding to bacteria, viruses and all other pathogens that are trying to invade his body and that it is not something to fear.

Most of the synthetic food dyes are derived from petrochemicals, while the 'natural' ones are no better. Over the years, research has implicated food dyes in a number of health conditions, such as hyperactivity, hypersensitivity and behavioral changes among children, as well as thyroid and bladder tumors.

Unfortunately almost all store-bought commercial modeling clay is made of synthetic polymers that contain phthalate plasticizers. Phthalates, which are used to give modeling clay its elasticity, are known to cause nerve system damage, gene mutations, liver and kidney problems, and more.

EPA and DHA omega-3s were eight times more effective at preventing the development of breast cancer tumors than ALA.

Although one of the most toxic heavy metals on earth, mercury can be found in many of the skin whitening products.

What is the real cause behind acid reflux? Is it too much or to little stomach acid?

Sprouts tend to have much higher amounts of folate, vitamin C, protein, vitamin B, phosphorus and manganese than the original un-sprouted seed or full grown plant.

You don't have to live in pain anymore. Learn how to beat migraine with diet, lifestyle modifications and supplementation.

Treat yourself with these out of this world immune boosting energy balls!

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