How to Remove Sticker Residue

Ever bought a new photo frame or set of dishes that you really liked then went home to remove the price sticker; and was bummed out that the sticker came out in pieces or left some glue behind?


I know that feeling when you have no clue as to what to do without ruining it. And what makes it even more frustrating is realizing that you have bought a set of something and you need to remove the left overs of the stickers off of the surface of each and every item. 


What if I tell you that there's a very simple way to remove sticker residue? The magic ingredient is simply mustard seeds. 


All you need to do is:


- Grind one or two tablespoons of mustard seeds in your coffee grinder. 

- Remove as much paper as you can from the sticker then place half a teaspoon of the ground seeds on the glue residue.

- Rub it with your fingertips and you'll notice how easily the mustard seeds powder is going remove any glue residue.





- It's always best to wear a pair of disposable or cleaning gloves to keep you hands clean. 

- I have only tried this method on glassware and never tried it on plastic. If you need to clean a plastic item, please experiment in an invisible area first to make sure the mustard seeds powder will not damage the plastic.


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